Cleaning With The Shark Powered Lift-Away Vacuum

I have been through several vacuums in the last 10 years. Actually on the day we moved into our house, I had two vacuums break. I ended up having to run to the store to buy a new vacuum but that one only lasted a few years. Our current vacuum’s sucking power has been lacking so I was thrilled when I received the opportunity to receive a Shark Powered Lift-Away Vacuum.

Shark Powered Lift-Away unboxing

As soon as I received the vacuum, I opened the box to put it together. The vacuum came in several pieces but they only needed snapped together. It took me less than a minute to assemble.

Shark Powered Lift-Away Vacuum

The Shark Powered Lift-Away has many nice features. Being an allergy sufferer, one of my favorite features is the filters. The Shark has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® + HEPA / washable filters. The vacuum is also never supposed to lose suction power.

Shark Powered Lift-Away sides [Read more…]

Enjoying the Swiss Colony Petits Fours and Bon Bons Gift Assortment

Swiss Colony box

Every year for Christmas, my aunt would buy everyone a box of Swiss Colony petite fours. It was actually one of the gifts I most looked forward to receiving every year. I would try to limit myself to one or two a day so I could enjoy them longer. Recently, I received the exciting opportunity to work with Swiss Colony on a review. Swiss Colony is America’s largest handcrafting bakery and have been family owned since 1926. They carry cheeses, spreads, specialty meats, chocolates, butter toffee, cakes, tortes, kringles, brownies, candy, cookies and more. They also have festively packaged gifts to make gift giving even easier.

Swiss Colony Petits Fours and Bon Bons Gift Assortment

Of course, I had to choose an item that included petite fours for my review. I ended up choosing the Petits Fours and Bon Bons Gift Assortment which features 17 premium flavors that are layered and blanketed with milk chocolate, darker chocolate, Swiss creme or creme toppings. [Read more…]

Shopping at OshKosh B’gosh #GIVEHAPPY #sponsored #MC

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’gosh. I received an OshKosh B’gosh gift card to purchase product and to thank me for my participation.

OshKosh B’gosh

I usually do most of my child’s clothing shopping online. But we decided to make a trip to the outlets to shop at OshKosh B’gosh and use my 25% off coupon. Of course, they were having a great sale with lots of great clothing to choose from. I also had a $25% off coupon to use. One of my favorite sales was the $5 doorbuster for long sleeve shirts. They also had many items for 50% off.

OshKosh B’gosh shirt doorbuster [Read more…]

Easing Cold Symptoms with Little Remedies #Sponsored #LittleRemedies #MC

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Little Remedies. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Little Remedies Cough Syrup and Nasal Spray

I have exclusively used Little Remedies products since my child was a baby. I love that their products do not contain any artificial flavors, colors or alcohol.  Little Remedies’ tagline is “Everything they need, nothing they don’t” which means they use the fewest ingredients possible. [Read more…]

Holiday Food from The Tender Filet

Tender Filet ham and red velvet cake

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! The holidays are always a busy time of the year with shopping and getting together with family/ friends. It can be hard to cook a meal or dessert from scratch. The Tender Filet can help with that problem. They provide restaurant quality meals and meat shipped right to your door. They have something for everyone: steaks, burgers, chicken, ham, lobster, shrimp, gourmet dinners, desserts and more. I had the joy of trying a couple products from The Tender Filet and not having to cook for a few days. [Read more…]

My Toddler and I Love Jamberry Nails!

Jamberry Nails Mommy & Me

When I was young, I used to get acrylic nails which was very rough on my real nails. It was also very expensive so I eventually stopped getting them done. After that I would occasionally buy the cheap glue on nails to use but those only lasted several days before they started coming off. Then I had my child and my fingers never got done again. I would sometimes paint my toes but I hated the process of removing the nail polish. I recently heard about Jamberry Nails and was intrigued. I am all about nails that look great for weeks, no drying time and no nail polish removal. [Read more…]

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