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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but Sunshine is teething. She is 9 months old and has 8 teeth already. My ferocious little nibbler is in need of lots of things to gnaw on so she doesn’t chew on me….or my couch. Three Little Birds Children’s Boutique (3LBCB) sent me two different teething toys in exchange for a review with my honest thoughts and opinions. I received one of their teethers, as well as a teething blanket.

Teething Toy

3LBCB Teething Toy Review

3LBCB’s teething toys are a piece of soft, cute fabric wrapped around a natural wooden ring. The fabric section is removable, so that means it’s washable! It is very nice to have washable toys when you’re dealing with a slobbery baby. I also like it when toys are washable because I feel better about taking them to public places where other babies may get grabby and swipe a toy or two during playtime. Yes, I am a slight germaphobe. I like the combination of soft fabric with a hard ring, luckily so does Sunshine. At a price point of only $8.50 these teething toys are a steal.

Teething Blanket

3LBCB Teething Blanket Review

Sunshine will not go to sleep without snuggling a lovey or blanket. I take it away once she’s asleep, but she has to rub it to fall asleep. The softer the blanket, the better! 3LBCB makes adorable teething blankets that have a removable natural wooden ring. Like the teething toys, 3LBCB’s blankets are washable. It’s a toy that functions as both a toy and a blanket/lovey, can’t beat that.

3LBCB Teething Blanket Review

I never really thought of a teething blanket before I saw this, but it’s a pretty genius idea. One of Sunshine’s teething signs is she starts to take her blankets, put them between her teeth, clench down, then pull the blanket out fast. That’s the main way she chews on blankets. Well, with this she has a built-in teething toy to use instead of trying to shred her blanket. As you can see above, the wooden ring snaps out so you can wash the blanket. One side has a novelty print (I chose Star Wars), and the other side is a minky chevron. I don’t know if you’re familiar with minky fabric, but it’s ultrasoft and plush. It is one of my favorite types of fabric. A teething blanket from 3LBCB costs about $18, which I think is a very affordable price especially considering that teething blankets serve two purposes. I actually ordered a second blanket tonight to give as a gift. My budget is tight, so I try to get as much as I can for my money when giving gifts. I feel confident giving a 3LBCB teething blanket as a gift because I know the recipient’s baby is going to love it.

Speaking of love, why I love 3LBCB

3LBCB Teething Blanket & Toy Review

  • Well-made – both items held up well, the dog even went after the teething toy and it survived to live another day (with a few little doggie teeth marks)
  • Prices are great, a lot of times for natural or homemade items prices are very high, glad to see this is not the case for 3LBCB
  • Soft fabrics – the fabrics 3LBCB uses are cushy and comfy for baby
  • Natural wooden rings for baby to chew on as opposed to plastics
  • Colorful fabrics and changes in texture help keep baby occupied/interested
  • Washable! I need to be able to wash baby’s toys and keep moving
  • Great fabric selections used in the ready-to-ship items, and the owner also takes custom orders
  • When you buy from 3LBCB you’re supporting a work-at-home-Mom (WAHM) - I love supporting WAHMs

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  1. Gale McCarron says:

    The Owl Print .. So cute!

  2. Tracy Gordon says:

    I like the airplane print.

  3. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I would probably choose The Very Hungry Caterpillar design!! :)

  4. I like the Natural Wooden Teething Toy in Owl Print. So cute!

  5. Dr. Seuss Minky Teething Blanket

  6. kortney Picker says:

    I might choose the woodland animals teething blanket, it is so hard to choose because there are so many great patterns!! I kept changing my mind!!

  7. I would choose the star wars.

  8. I love the maritime modern!

  9. the Dr. Seuess print is so cute

  10. I like the whale print

  11. Linda mMadden says:

    The rainbow pillowcase dress

  12. teething blanket in super hero/comic or robots!

  13. rebeka deleon says:

    i would choose the whale print.

  14. I like the Starwars one. Hubby would love the little angel to have that one!

  15. Shannon Gould says:

    They are all so pretty but I LOVE the grey and orange dot/tulipy looking print!

  16. I love the Cupcake Party print. So cute! Thank you :)

  17. I’d choose the Natural Wooden Teething Toy Ladybug Print, so cute!

  18. I would pick the super hero words print.

  19. I would love this gray and orange print

  20. Karolyn Howard says:

    I would pick either the very hungry caterpillar or the turtle print

  21. I would probably pick the whale print

  22. Meganjulia says:

    Small robots

  23. id get a time to remember and give it to my niece

  24. Juliee Fitze says:

    I would choice Dr. Seuss Minky Teething Blanket

  25. I would choose the Tree Print Hot Pink Minky Teething Blanket

  26. molli vandehey says:

    i love the owl print. i am obsessed with owls!

  27. tyra young says:

    The dr seuss minky blanket teether!

  28. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    I love the sock money print.

  29. Emily Linton says:

    I like the Woodland Animal Print

  30. I love the Urban Zoologie Little Birdies Print!

  31. I would choose the Super Hero print.

  32. Kera Adams says:

    I would choose the mustache print!

  33. Natural wooden teething toy in heart print :)

  34. I like the Woodland Animal Print Blanket Natural Birch . Thank you

  35. Paula Tavernie says:

    I like the helicopter print!

  36. Anne Marie Carter says:

    I like the teething blanket with construction print on it.

  37. valerie guerrero says:

    Fish Print Teething Blanket

  38. The Blake Maritime. The one with sailboats on it.

  39. Liberty Thompson says:

    I would choose the Woodland Animal Print Blanket : D

  40. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    I like the Natural Teething Ring With Attached Riley Blake Scoot Helicopter Print Blanket Natural Birch Teether/ Teething Ring/ Waldorf

  41. Dusty Schnur says:

    I would choose the guitar print

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