Juppy Momentum Baby Walker Review

Sunshine is only seven months old, but she is on the verge of walking. She’s pulling up and cruising all around. This is crazy to me, but who knows how long it’ll take her to actually start walking. In the meantime, I am very happy to have the Juppy Momentum Baby Walker. Juppy sent me a pink Momentum baby walker in exchange for this review with my honest thoughts and opinions. The Juppy Momentum Baby walker is a great way to help baby learn how to walk safely and comfortably.

What is the Juppy Momentum Baby Walker?

Testing out the Juppy Momentum Baby Walker Review and Giveaway - Gator Mommy Reviews

The Juppy Momentum Baby Walker is a safer alternative to wheeled baby walkers. An adult holds onto the straps and helps baby walk without having to bend over.  Baby is able to safely and comfortably explore their environment while learning how to walk. The first time or two Sunshine was not sure about the Juppy Momentum, but after a little practice she is loving it. It’s easy to put on (just slip baby’s legs through the leg holes, zip up the back, and velcro the safety cinch straps), and small enough to take anywhere.

Sunshine enjoying the Juppy Momentum Baby Walker Review and Giveaway - Gator Mommy Reviews

Sunshine enjoying (and trying to lick) the Juppy Momentum!

Why I love the Juppy Momentum

Front and back view of Juppy Momentum Baby Walker, Review and Giveaway - Gator Mommy Reviews

  • Easy to use – there’s no learning curve, just pop baby in, zip up, close the velcro, and go
  • Secured onto baby due to velcro and zipper combination, but also easy to remove quickly
  • Great price, approximately $20 which is reasonable and less expensive than other the baby walkers
  • Safer option than wheeled walkers
  • Fits up to 35 lb child
  • Back saver, no more bending over to hold baby’s hands
  • Soft straps adjust to accommodate adult’s height
  • Thin, light, and small – can fold up and go anywhere with you
  • Soft, breathable cotton
  • Machine washable

Close-up of Juppy Momentum Baby Walker Review and Giveaway - Gator Mommy Reviews

So that’s my take on the Juppy Momentum Baby Walker, do you have one? Sunshine loves hers! Check out the links below to buy one or win one.

Buy it

Buy your own Juppy Momentum Baby walker on Amazon.com

Win it

Enter to win your own Juppy Momentum Baby Walker

Winner is Ann P.

Sarah Granolaish

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  1. I’d love the Juppy Walker in pink! Thanks!

  2. ashley perez says:

    i would chose yellow

  3. My nephew & his wife are expecting twin boys so I’d have to go with blue.

  4. Mary Mudd says:

    I would choose the pink one.

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  8. I would choose the pink one.

  9. Breean VanSolkema says:

    I would choose Blue…this is such a great product that is much safer than all the rest :0)

  10. I would choose to get mine in the color blue.

  11. Bailey Eileen Parr says:

    I would love the yellow, it’s such a happy color!

  12. rebeka deleon says:

    i would choose the color pink for my little girl.

  13. abedabun dawn says:

    I would choose the yellow. I believe the color yellow stands out better.

  14. Ann Paquette-Lukens says:


  15. laurie nykaza says:

    pink for my nieces little girl

  16. I would choose a black jumpy.

  17. I would choose yellow

  18. Chandra Dimiceli says:


  19. Sherry Compton says:

    I think I would choose the yellow.

  20. michelle gilliland mcafee says:

    I’d choose yellow.

  21. Debra Holloway says:

    I would choose the blue. It is such a beautiful shade of blue.

  22. Silvia Reid says:

    I’d pick a blue one thanks so much.

  23. blue

  24. Marian Boll says:

    I would choose the yellow please

  25. Jennifer DeMusis says:

    Blue for my baby boy!

  26. pink for my friend’s daughter

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    the pink one

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    ide want the black and yellow

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  32. I would choose yellow

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    I would choose yellow.

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    I would pick the pink & black. I really want to win, these are so convenient! Thanks.

  38. I would choose the pink Juppy

  39. Yellow

  40. riannemarjielle says:

    Ill choose pink for my baby girl!

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