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Welcome to the Anything Goes Giveaway Hop

This event is hosted by The Review Wire and Review Wire Media. All participating blogs will be offering a giveaway of at least $20. So after you enter my giveaway make sure to check out what mystery giveaways the other blogs have to offer. Also, head over to The Review Wire for the Grand Prize…a Gift Set from Keeki Pure & Simple that includes: Pink Lemonade Lotion ($14), a Cheecky Oragnic Lip Shimmer ($8) and a Rasberry Sorbet polish($10). A total Retail Value of $32!


Wholly Guacamole Giveaway


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Wholly Guacamole is the best selling brand of pre-made guacamole. Their guacamole uses real Hass avocodos and natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any preservatives, artificial flavorings or fillers. Besides their popular guacamole dips, they also produce different flavors of guacamole minis, salsa dips, and avocado chunky dip.


Win It

One lucky winner will receive a cooler full of Wholly Guacamole products

Winner is Carl S.

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  1. laurie nykaza says:

    chips or on a burger too

  2. Danielle Papsis says:

    I like to eat guacamole with tortilla chips or on tacos.

  3. I like putting guacamole on veggie wraps for lunch! Yum!

  4. Ann Fantom says:

    I like to put guacamole on my hamburgers.

  5. Caitlin Chapman says:

    On sandwiches instead of mayo

  6. I eat it with tacos.

  7. william saylor says:

    I like to eat it on salad.

  8. we use it on eggs…burgers…make homemade guac ranch dressing :)

  9. I love it with everything! I eat it on hamburgers, hotdoga, salads, and even my eggs in the morning!

  10. I like it on burgers

  11. I eat it with tortilla chips and salsa

  12. april willard says:

    oh man this is hard! I love guacamole on my sub sandwiches on my burritos and love it with tortilla chips I just LOVE LOVE LOVE guacamole!

  13. Chips, of course! I also love it in burritos and tacos :)

  14. Tiffany Postlethwait says:

    With tortilla chips!!

  15. I put it on tacos

  16. Melissa S says:

    I love guacamole with just chips or spread on a turkey sandwich as the condiment.

  17. I like it on nachos :)

  18. Lorena Keech says:

    I like guacamole with almost anything, tacos, chips, even eggs.

  19. Chips & steak fajitas

  20. Maggie Fout says:

    OMG we eat it constanty, my fave is with fritos scoops!

  21. georgia beckman says:

    I love guacamole on EVERYTHING! It is especially good on BLT’s!

  22. with blue corn chips

  23. cynthia sizemore says:

    love It on my tacos and burritos

  24. steve weber says:

    chips and veggies usually.

  25. Lynne M Meyer says:

    I love guac by itself, on tacos and burgers… so many things! Guac is magic. :)

  26. Nachos!

  27. Guacamole as a side or main ingredient in a taco/nacho plate is tough to beat!

  28. I like eating guac with rice and veggies or with pasta!

  29. Jessica @ OrganicallYou says:

    I love eating guac with veggies!!!

  30. Kathy Lane says:

    I love to eat guacamole on my soft tacos.

  31. I like quac on tacos, burgers and of course tortilla chips.

  32. I like to eat it with blue organic corn chips on the side of fajitas.

  33. I love Guacamole with Chips

  34. Cara Daymude says:

    7-layer Dip

  35. Sharon Rooney says:

    I love Guac with tortilla chips

  36. I like to eat guacamole with tortilla chips or on a sandwich!

  37. On top of my turkey chopped salad! Yum!

  38. Man, I love guacamole. Chips, on a burger, on a veggie sandwich, with cut-up veggies,…I love it all!

  39. Mary Somerville says:

    On sandwiches.

  40. Katrina Reich says:


  41. I like to make homemade tortilla chips and eat it with those. I also like to put it on burgers and dip carrots in it!

  42. Everything!! Tortilla chips, burgers, salads, tacos, etc.

  43. Michelle McCulloch says:

    I eat guacomoli with chips

  44. i like it on chips

  45. Suzanne K says:

    tortilla chips, or burgers

  46. Burgers, Eggs, Sandwiches, and Chips!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Megan Cromes says:

    i eat it with chips.

  48. Jessica Fortner says:

    I love it with tortilla chips or on sandwiches.

  49. Samantha L. says:

    I like a scoop of guac on my salad instead of dressing.

  50. I like to eat guacamole with EVERYTHING!!! Usually I have it on fajitas, with chips, or on salads!!!

  51. Tina Carlson says:

    chips and vegetables!

  52. Stephanie F. says:

    I like to eat guacamole with fresh tortilla chips.

  53. natalie nichols says:

    I like to eat it on tortilla chips.

  54. angela walters says:

    i love guac on a burger. mmmm!

  55. I love it on tacos!

  56. I like to eat guacamole on tortilla chips.

  57. I like to eat guacamole with pretty much anything that isn’t sweet!

  58. Paol Trenny says:

    I love guac on burgers or nachos

  59. Derrick Johnson says:

    Tortilla chips are perfect with guac.

  60. I make my own chicken quesadillas, and guac is good with that.

  61. Besides just with chips or on tacos and burritos, I also love guacamole on a sandwich with Tofurky slices, lettuce, and tomato on a yeast roll.

  62. Betty Dennis says:

    eat it with everything! veggies, chips, even use it as a spread for sandwiches

  63. I love it on tacos

  64. I like to put guacamole on my hamburgers.

  65. Chip’s

  66. I love guacamole with blue corn chips!

  67. With tortilla chips

  68. My favorite is with pita chips!

  69. corn chips

  70. I love to eat it with chips, on a burger, etc.

  71. Kelly Nicholson says:

    What do you like to eat guacamole with?

    chips and sour cream with cottage cheese

  72. Denise Welch says:

    I like it on tortilla chips

  73. Cassandra Eastman says:

    With chips, or hamburgers!

  74. We eat it on our sandwiches and burgers.

  75. I like to eat on sandwiches.

  76. Jenna Timman says:

    carrot sticks

  77. kristin sims says:

    i love it on pita chips, thanks!

  78. Gauc! LOVE IT!

  79. I like guacamole on sandwiches and chips!

  80. Sherry Compton says:

    Guacamole with tortilla chips is great!

  81. bailey joseph says:

    I love putting Guac on tacos!!

  82. I like guacamole in my lettuce salads with salsa as dressing.

  83. Tammy Nelson Cook says:

    any Mexican dish and chips

  84. I like it with tacos and hamburgers.

  85. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I put it on my turkey sandwiches.

  86. Linda Bradshaw says:

    I love to add guacamole with my nachos

  87. chips w guac :)

  88. I like it with chips.

  89. chips and quesadillas

  90. I like guacamole on my cheeseburgers

  91. Annemarie Z. says:

    I love guacamole with chips!

  92. Laurie Emerson says:

    I like to eat it with Tortilla Chips or Doritos.

  93. Christina Domingue says:

    All mexican foods, chips, burgers, carrots

  94. Tanya White says:

    I love eaqting it with chips, crackers, carrots. You name it will eat it with it.

  95. Gabriele Jolly says:

    Pita chips or tortillas. On nachosand any mexican dish.

  96. almost everything,I use it on sandwiches,in rice bowls and even to make smoothies and baked goods :)

  97. Cassandra Kelton says:

    Salsa!!! And just about anything really!

  98. tortilla chips and fajitas

  99. Paula Tavernie says:

    I eat it on my salads instead of dressing!

  100. Karen Propes says:

    Love on a salad, but enjoy in all kinds of dishes. One of my favorite foods and a must for everyday, it has so many great nutrients..

  101. Mya Murphy says:

    chips burgers sandwiches… jeez everything lol

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