Greentoe Review


I always shop for the best prices and read reviews before I buy a new item. It takes a lot of time searching through all the retailers looking for the best deal. Thanks to Greentoe, I no longer have to spend hours searching anymore.

Greentoe provides a great new way to shop online. You just have to select your product and name your price. Greentoe will then check with their certified retailers to see if they will meet your price. The first retailer to agree gets the sale and ships your product.

I have been wanting a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera. I, of course, wanted a great deal on one. So I went onto Greentoe and selected the camera I wanted. I looked over the price comparisons, user reviews, and specifications on their site. I decided on what price I would like to pay and put my offer in the name your price scale. The scale showed my chances of getting the price I selected. I then went ahead and sent my offer. I received an email saying my offer was accepted. My credit card was billed for my offer price which already includes tax and shipping. The retailer sent me my invoice receipt and my shipping notice. I was amazed how fast the retailer shipped my camera. I received it in less than 24 hours from the time my offer was accepted. I am thrilled with the camera and the great deal I received on Greentoe.

If you are looking for a great deal on cameras, TVs, appliances, baby products or something else, you need to check out Greentoe. There is no catch or service fees. They even have a 14 day return policy. Greentoe just saves you time and money.


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  1. Diane L says:

    This looks GREAT!! So excited to dive in :)

  2. Dorothy Boucher says:

    what a wonderful idea, wish i had thought of it ,,, ehehhe I love the fact that I
    can name the price.. which saves money in my pocket :) great review by the way..

  3. Rebecca says:

    Seriously amazed a website like this exists with no catch! It puts control in the consumer’s hands which is awesome! I hate spending full price on anything so this seems like the perfect way to shop. Thanks for the review!

  4. Lisa Burke Cook says:

    I think it is awesome that we can name a price and they will find retailers for you.

  5. Dessa Wright says:

    I have been hunting for a good price on a DSLR camera for years. I hope I finally get one!

  6. Danielle Papsis says:

    Wow! Sounds exciting. I’m definitely going to check it out and tell my boyfriend about it too.


  8. Wow! It really sounds great and with no hassles!

  9. Nicole Stanke says:

    I am gonna have to check it out more and see what i can find for my granddaughter on the site!!!! Can’t wait to shop!!!

  10. Sherry Butcher says:

    I can’t shop but when I do I’ll look into using this. Much better than bidding in an auction and having problems with that.

  11. Karen Jordan says:

    Thanks for the information! I have a new website to search for deals. I will let my besties know too.

  12. Josh Ramish says:

    I love that you can name your price

  13. It sounds like a neat site, I’m definitely going to have to try it out!

  14. KELLY MILLS says:

    I love that this gives consumers power over prices. Very innovative!

  15. This seems like a fabulous site and I can see how you saved so much money!

  16. I’ll be checking this out!!

  17. Melissa Mizzoni says:

    This is an awesome idea!

  18. Your idea is praise worthy.It reveals as a neat site, I’ll be checking this out!

  19. julie kurland says:

    love to win the camera so could use it.

  20. I have been dreaming of a Rebel T3i/T4i for ages.

  21. This is such a unique way to shop! I will have to do this soon :)

  22. Sherry Compton says:

    Wow! What an innovative way of having companies come to you…less time spent searching for the best price around.

  23. daysi morales says:


  24. Robin R says:

    Interesting! We’ll have to check this to when thinking about our next purchase!

    Thank you,

    Robin R

  25. Jessica says:

    I am gonna have to check it out more.

  26. Jessica Anson says:

    This sounds great…will really save time that was spent looking for deals online! Thank you for sharing!!

  27. Catherine M. says:

    I love the concept of Greentoe, but I’m not sure about something; do you have to give your cc# and info to them before you can submit your price? I will have to check them out for sure. Especially since there is no fee. Great idea.

    • You do have to give your address and credit card information when you submit your offer. The retailer will charge you if they accept your offer.

  28. I love the idea of negotiating prices with retailers. Perhaps some prices will come down as the competition continues.


  30. I like the name your price meter.

  31. Virginia Luke says:

    Excited to try this site!

  32. i am going to try this out! husband and i have been dying for a DSLR before the newborn comes but it just doesnt seem feasible for a full price one that soon!

  33. Shelley Schmidt says:

    Thanks for the good info

  34. Jennifer marohn says:

    I know someone who was building an app to do almost that same thing for companies. it’s nice to know that there is one for private use as well. Nice review!

  35. Love the Name Your Price scale visual.

  36. Looks like a really fun site to navigate for your shopping needs.

  37. Jessica White says:

    I really like this site, I’ll be sure to check out more of there offers!

  38. This looks really cool, cant wait to start!

  39. Tamia Allen says:

    Nice review you have here, my older brother told me about this. At first I just shrugged it off from the lack of interest, but now seeing it here… kinda gives me confirmation.

  40. leslie harris says:

    great tools great idea thanks

  41. Like this idea, it reminds me of but for products

    sibabe64 at pd dot net

  42. Jen Poncavage says:

    Looks like an interesting way to shop. Thanks for sharing.

  43. *Love* this concept! I am eager to try it out. I have always liked Priceline, and this seems similar.

  44. Sarah L says:

    Great concept. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the review.

  45. I like that they have the name your price scale. I remember years ago using priceline and you were always at a loss on whether your bid was a possibility and then you couldn’t even rebid. I thought the whole experience was nerve racking. This looks like a nice no stress experience. I will have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  46. laurie nykaza says:

    I hate paying full price so this is a wonderful site

  47. OMGosh this camera sounds great! I would love to get one. My son dropped my camera and now the zoom lens is broken!

  48. Kyaw Sein says:

    It’s a kind of site that I have been looking for. Thanks for the information

  49. mackenzie h says:

    Awesome! im definitely going to try this site, ive never heard of it until now

  50. Nicole Becker says:

    I LOVE the fact that I don’t have to spend hours and hours looking for the best deal anymore!!! Greentoe does it all for you and the taxes and shipping are included with their already great prices!!!!

  51. chelesa sims says:

    Wow, I have never heard of any company that does this. what a great idea

  52. Brittany says:

    I think this camera is awesome!

  53. what a seriously neat idea! we’re in the market for new appliances so this could NOT have come at a better time!

  54. oh, this is such a great idea, no more searching through page after page to get the best deal! this could save so much time, AND money, awesome!

  55. wow this is so cool. love the naming of price

  56. Michelle Proper says:

    This sound well worth looking into…especially since I shop onlione so much! Thanks!

  57. rebeka deleon says:

    this sounds really interesting. not sure i would ever try it though. def. different.

  58. Looks great.

  59. Wow. That makes things quite a bit easier, especially for those wanting to find a deal online and not sure how!

  60. Yesenia says:

    Thanks for the review. This sounds like a great shopping resource.

  61. Melissa Stroh says:

    This looks AWESOME!


  63. md kennedy says:

    I think what really differentiates this site is its generous 14-day return policy – so many other “auction”-type sites are like this.

  64. Melissa V says:

    looks like a cool idea…will have to look at more

  65. In love! Hope I win this!

  66. I love finding new ways to save especially on electronics! Checking out the site now!

  67. This is great I can go on Greentoe and check the stuff out I want to buy and they tell me where to find it. They have a 14 day return policy too. thanks for the information on Greentoe.

  68. Interesting, definitely worth checking out. It looks like when you submit an offer, you are agreeing to buy it from whatever retailer accepts the offer. I wish you could still refuse after you find a willing retailer.

  69. Rachel Beltz says:

    I love this type of website; it’s a quick and easy way to find reasonable deals!! I love the fact that you get to choose what you want to pay!

  70. Susan Munger says:

    This Looks like a really cool, awesome site!!!! I Cant wait to check it out!!!! Finally a blog & website about stuff that I am REALLY interested in!!!!

  71. Valarie Lee Gentry says:

    I love the idea of Greentoe! I love all the details that they have come up with. Just pick your product and product type and Greentoe does all the work for you by coming up with the best prices that are available and where to buy them! I love this!

  72. Bonnie M. says:

    What a fantastic website! This makes it so convenient for those who are looking for a great price on a great product! At our own price nonetheless! :)

  73. What a great idea for a site!

  74. Rachel Grider says:

    Wow that sounds really great! I will have to check it out for myself.

  75. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  76. cheryl lister says:

    This is a great idea! Very innovative. I like the return policy also.

  77. Jill A. Collins says:

    Always good to know where to shop for bargains. Thanks for telling us about Greentoe. I had no idea the site even existed!

  78. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    That is really neat, I’m going to have to try it. I’ve been wanting to find a Flex Belt for a good price, maybe this will help!

  79. Julie L says:

    Wow! It sounds like a great idea!

  80. Dope website. Fresh idea for buying stuff for a great price

  81. Victoria K says:

    It looks awesome can’t wait to check some stuff out!

  82. Becky Schollian says:

    This was a first hearing about Greetoe. After viewing their site I’m hooked!! They have made appliance shopping for me so easy. I have M.S. so online shopping is my world!! Greentoe is remarkable!! Thanks for sharing them with us guys!!

  83. Awesome stuff and deals

  84. katie ab says:

    This is such a great idea and it’s nice that they have a 14 day return policy.

  85. I love how it helps you find what you want in the price area you want. That’s usually half the bottle. Thanks for sharing!

  86. pollylee says:

    I had never heard of this site before and I also like their fourteen day return policy

  87. This is a really great concept that I can see saving me money!

  88. illy junus says:

    it’s sound awesome that you can name the price and get it, it save time and money too. Will try this site for sure

  89. I had never heard about this site until now, I will have to keep this in mind because I love to find the best possible price.

  90. Victoria says:

    This website looks really great. I can’t wait to name my price!! :)

  91. I really like that the tax and shipping are included.

  92. What an exciting way to shop. I was never good at haggling, maybe I would be better at naming my own price.

  93. Susan Fishel says:

    Nice review. I will give Greentoe a try.

  94. What a great idea!

  95. Sandie W says:

    Thanks so much for the info on how greentoe works. I know I’ll be using this site again and again!

  96. Peggy SoubletHatten says:

    Seems like a great idea! I’ll be checking this site out!

  97. I really like that this eliminates shopping around for the best price.

  98. This sounds like a great tool! And I’m learning of it just in time to buy things for a new grandbaby!

  99. Looks like a neat tool!

  100. Super excited for this! Great concept!

  101. Christina F. says:

    i love the fact greentoe helps you comparison shop for a good bargain–and includes reviews, too! but my favorite feature is that awesome name your price meter–so cute!

  102. This site is such an awesome idea! I will totally be using them come holiday time!

  103. Unique site. I will be trying Greentoe out.

  104. krystle gluck says:

    seems like a kool site and I love that you can name your price

  105. I think it is awesome that we can name a price and they will find retailers for you.

  106. Beth H. says:

    Great review of something that I have always wanted but was never afford to get.

  107. Susan Broughton says:

    Its great that you can name the price and they can find a retailer for you! Great idea!

  108. Sounds like an amazing website!

  109. Punam Roy says:

    This is perfect for new parents. So much to buy for the little one at once. Great money saving idea!

  110. Nilda Rivera says:

    This is such a great idea I wish I would of gone here when I bought a camera a couple years ago, I paid way more than the camera was worth. I’m curious about a laptop so I’m definitely going to Greentoe with my search.

  111. Michael Murray says:

    Reminds me of the old Priceline except for goods istead of services

  112. Great products, return policies and all new stuff.

  113. Princess says:

    This is awesome, i tried it and I love it! Thanks so much for introducing it to me!!

  114. Awesome idea!! Passing this on to my moms group friends!!

  115. Elizabeth Gentry says:

    When I have some extra cash on hand and am looking to make a purchase I am going to keep this site in mind I am always looking to get the best possible deal and comparison shopping if this site can compare shop for me then let me set a price lower then what’s out there and companies will actually match it I am all for it :)

  116. Christie says:

    First time hearing about this site, looks interesting.

  117. Thanks for the review. I would also have to agree – it is not hard to find items or suggestions and I really like the “price meter” as I call it – where you can see if it is even worth trying to make a bid. I am glad that you and Purple Knee Socks found it and told us about it – I signed up for it!

  118. Christy Anderson says:

    Looks like a great place to research products all in one place and a great site to get a good deal!

  119. looks like an awesome shopping site, can’twait to look at some stuff… I too have been wanting this camera since the first day it came out…

  120. brittany f says:


  121. Mary Dailey says:

    Can’t beat this kind of shopping!

  122. Ashley Addison says:

    This is a great way to find good deals/prices on particular products. Great concept. Thanks for sharing. I’d never heard of them before.

  123. I think I could go nuts on their site! I see so many great things that I need!

  124. TaraCockrill says:

    This is awesome!

  125. wendy b says:

    Wha What!? I never knew this existed. What a great idea! Thank you for the thorough and informative review….I will definitely be checking this out.

  126. I was able to play around on this site for just a few minutes and it seems like a really neat idea!

  127. LAMusing says:

    Very interesting – I mean if they say no, it’s no loss, but if they say yes…!

  128. It sounds like a great arrangement, although I do wish they’d at least list all of their authorized resellers. It’s good to know though that they have a 14 day return policy. Thanks for the review.

  129. I think Greentoe is one of the most original businesses for the internet age. How else could you do this but through networked resources? Awesome idea for the times.

  130. Melanie Morris says:

    I have never heard of this website before. Very cool site!

  131. It’s neat that is has name your own price as I saw… The saving money part is what I need!

  132. Jessica Greenleaf says:

    I love that you can name your own price compare prices and also see users reviews as well.

  133. Caroline Ivory says:

    Love it!

  134. rajee pandi says:

    Love it

    We are connected to a vast network of certified retailers who are immediately alerted when new offers are placed.

  135. Jessica T says:

    Hmm I’ll have to look into this.

  136. Cassie Brice says:

    I think it’s amazing that Greentoe allows you to shop around without having to go on a manhunt looking for something. I like that the scale shows you how well your chances are of getting the item. Greentoe is very smart!

  137. Belinda Turner says:

    I love the idea of them doing the work to get companies to compete for the sale.

  138. sandy weinstein says:

    i will have to try this for a new tv and other things

  139. Heather Diotte says:

    Thank you for the awesome review!

  140. amanda martinez says:

    awesome! gonna have to try it out!

  141. Fernando Huerta says:

    looks great!!! cant wait to start shopping!

  142. melissa reeves says:

    greentoe seems like a cool site im gonna have to start shopping around

  143. Samara Overturff says:

    I officially love this website! I love that you can name your price and that they have a relationship with numerous retailers. Thank you! =)

  144. I love the website and its really nice to see how many ways i can shop/

  145. I really like this site, I’ll check out more of there offers!

  146. Kristina V says:

    Thats a great Idea for a website! I’ll check it out soon, we need a new DVD player!

  147. Samantha Dell says:

    this is great!

  148. This is a pretty revolutionary way to sell items. There are always companies out there needing to sell. Great idea!

  149. Ginger Shelton says:

    What an awesome concept! Hope to use it soon in my search for a new sewing machine!

  150. Great idea! I’ll have to utilize it for my next big purchase :)

  151. Looks like a great site. I can’t wait to check it out!

  152. Vickie Kulp says:

    I didn’t know about Greentoe before. I am definitely checking into it for my next internet purchase no matter what it is.

  153. Kristina L says:

    Sounds good! I like that there is no obligation. I have never heard of it before this review!

  154. What’s not to love? Name my own price? How great is this??!! I love it!

  155. Terri W says:

    I can name my own price

  156. This looks pretty awesome get what you want for the price you want!

  157. Great concept. I didn’t know that there were any websites like this besides EBay.

  158. I can not wait to try this site out. I am actually going to be looking at some items for photography, laptop and a few other special things so this sounds like a wonderful site. I want to thank the site for all their hard work and dedication in finding places that would be willing to lower prices to help those of us that may not be able to financially get them if it were not for the site. So thank you!!!

  159. Great new servise, gonna use it

  160. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    This is a great way to shop, I hadn’t heard of it before. Thanks for sharing, I will check it out for a digital camera.

  161. This is great! Thanks for sharing :)

  162. Thanks for the review.. I checked them out and decided to sign up!

  163. illy junus says:

    It’s great newsite to shop, i never heard about this site. Thank you for sharing, specially i’m looking for a new camera too

  164. Susan Johnson says:

    Thank you for the review! I will definitely be using this website from now on when shopping for large ticket items. This will be great to use around Christmas time.

  165. A very colorful site and eye-catching! Great review and I will be following! Thank you!

  166. Cindy S. says:

    This looks like a great service. Thank you for your detailed overview!!! : )

  167. This is a really cool site!

  168. Sarah Nicholson says:

    My husband really wants a camera like this too! Looks like a very interesting site!

  169. Lourdes Guerra says:

    Thank you, this really makes me want to look at the website.

  170. Great review, and what a great site!

  171. Kristin S. says:

    Next time we’re looking to purchase something like this, we will have to check this site out!! Thanks for the review and information!!

  172. We will have to remember this page!

  173. WOW!! I have never heard of putting an offer in on a camera, or anything other than buying a house. I live under a rock I suppose. Thank you for your review!

  174. Bonnie L says:

    This is awesome! Definitely going to check out the page.

  175. Amy Dunn says:

    What a great idea. I will have to remember this page the next time I go to buy something.

  176. Kaitlin says:

    Soo many things to buy, so little money… hoping to gradually update our kitchen, our fridge is from 1988, I will keep this in mind!

  177. Am totally going to check the out the next time I have a big purchase

  178. Roxy R. says:

    I’m so thrilled that something like this finally exists!

  179. Kayli C says:

    this sounds like a great site I had never heard of it until now. I will have to use it. I am too wanting a new camera I used to use a great older Canon Rebel that takes film and it just seems so odd to use those now so I think I will do some searching on Greentoe hopefully I can find a new camera a a great price!!

  180. This sound like a very good idea to get great deals!!

  181. Lisa Lancaster says:

    I had never heard of this site til today and wow does it look like fun

  182. What a great way to catch my children in action and make live long memories!

  183. Love the idea that I name my price, and if a retailer agrees then I win!

  184. Tiffany says:

    i will definitely try this when for my next electronics purchase

  185. Wow this is awesome! I always check reviews and do a lot of homework before spending money! I’m glad I read this review!

  186. sounds like a place to shop

  187. this is just a fantastic idea!! I spend alot of time comparing prices and reading reviews, so this really makes things easier by being able to name my price and letting them do the work of finding for me!
    Thanks for the review


  188. It sounds good, but i’m a bit skeptical at how well it would work. If I need a big thing (printer or camera) I might try it.

  189. Seriously? Almost sounds too good to be true.. I will definitely be checking it out!

  190. This sounds like an interesting way to shop. I’m going to look into it a little more.

  191. that’s cool

  192. Carolyn Colley says:

    sounds like a great site and I would love to win this

  193. Great Review!! I love their cameras will be checking into getting some stuff there! Thanks for sharing!!

  194. aaron matteson says:

    interesting to see if it works for some people, winning!

  195. Thanks for the giveaway! I did sign up for Greentoe and it looks pretty cool. Definitely considering it for future purchases!

  196. Sounds interesting- I’m going to browse the site and plan to give it a try.

  197. Hey, power to the people with a 14-day return window. Very nice.

  198. abigail tabuzo says:

    This is a really fun site to navigate for your shopping needs. Greentoe’s really cool!^^

  199. This is pretty awesome!

  200. I’m an amature/hobbiest Photographer

    I’m Loving your selection of camera’s :) i’m going to be a buyer here since they have better selection at unbeatable prices

  201. Sounds great, will definatly have to visit this more. I could use the Canon Rebel in a bad way

  202. What an awesome idea! I’m excited to make my first offer.

  203. Amanda Bolduc says:

    What a cool service! I’m totally doing this for my next major purchase!

  204. I have to check this out. What a great way to get a good deal. Thanks for sharing.

  205. Good Afternoon Gator Mommy! I have never heard of this, so I am anxious to check out the site and see what I can come up with. Thanks! Vicki.

  206. Shakeeta W says:

    This looks like a great site! I’ve been wanting a DSLR for a while so I will definitely go check this out!

  207. Deanna Sysco says:

    Seriously amazed a website like this exists with no catch! It puts control in the consumer’s hands which is awesome! I hate spending full price on anything but this site is just crazy

  208. kimberly bhatti says:

    this looks like such an amazing site

  209. nahdyyah says:

    I could for sure use this camera
    I love photography. And this gives me a chance to win a high quality camera for free
    I really hope I win
    Thanks for this giveaway
    *fingers crossed *

  210. Carrie A Groff says:

    Thanks for sharing this website! I will definitely be checking it out! I’m always looking for new ways to save money!

  211. kelly mcgrew says:

    i love that all the products are guaranteed to be new. because sometimes you feel like its too good to be true!

  212. This is such a cool service and so useful!

  213. Love this service. Thanks for sharing

  214. I would love to win this!

  215. This is something I am definitely going to look into because I need a new camera but just havent had the money for one with having four kids that needs things for school.

  216. Susan Broughton says:

    This would save you a lot of time running around on the web or store to store looking for the better price.

  217. I also am always looking for the best price. I’ve never heard of this before. This is certainly better than say buying from ebay where you’re not guaranteed. With this, you know they’ve worked with the sellers.

  218. Sounds cool!

  219. as soon as i get some extra $$, i would love to try this out…thank you much.

  220. Ashley Nolan says:

    The site looks great, can’t wait to try the site out!

  221. Toni Porter says:

    This is a great idea! Especially since I’m in the market for a new camera myself, and there are many options on their site.

  222. Anita L says:

    I’ve never heard of anything like this before, but it sure does sound awesome! I will sit down with hubby and check it out further. Great idea :)

  223. Liza Lisa says:

    Great modern version of consumer reports meets ebay :)

  224. Colette says:

    Wow! I had no idea this existed! What a great idea…a definite time saver. No more wasting hours and hours shopping for the best deal. Thanks!

  225. Love this! Can’t wait to check it out!

  226. sara forster says:

    I think it is awesome that we can name a price and they will find retailers for you.

  227. Charlene H says:

    Looks soo cool, my friends will LOVE this!

  228. This is such a great tool so that you can price shop and find something in your budget!

  229. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    Greentoe sounds like a great site to shop for the electronics and appliances that I have been holding off on due to our tight budget. :)

  230. Sunnymay says:

    Greentoe has a way for you to set a price based on reviews and will let you know the chance that your bid will be accepted. Great review of an enticing concept for those just starting out and the rest who could use an update in the technology department.

  231. Kristen says:

    very cool!

  232. This is SO cool!! I have never heard of it and I can’t wait to try it! I need to buy my SIL a bassinet and I want a new DSLR! So awesome!!

  233. Natalie Rivera says:

    very cool website with cameras and baby items. name your price, 14 day return with no fees.

  234. Cassandra Kelton says:

    I’m impressed that you got your camera so fast and there really were no hidden fees or catches!

  235. alejandra castro says:

    What?! this is too cool! i have never heard of a company being this nice and so cool. i am definitely going to try this web page out!

  236. Great idea!

  237. This look it’s Great!

  238. Interesting concept. Can’t wait to try!

  239. This is such a great idea, I’ve been meaning to check them out. Haven’t had any money to spend so I figure there is no point in browsing lol.

  240. Sounds like a great company. I don’t know of any retail company that allows you to make offers on products.

  241. i HAVE been pricing the canon dsl camera for ages. This looks like a great way to shop. (well, better to win it, but if not, this may be the way to do). :)

  242. Love this idea! Must check this out!

  243. Terrific idea.

  244. Rochelle says:

    This is absolutely FANTASTIC!! <3

  245. allyson becker says:

    What a great site! I loved your review. Very helpful.

  246. Such a great concept! Negotiation at it’s finest!

  247. joann tompkins winborn says:

    Can’t wait to go exporing around Greentoe! thanks for the opportunity

  248. Michael Lambert says:

    This looks like a pretty cool site. Will be checking this out.

  249. This site is pretty awesome, I can’t wait to give this a try.

  250. bianca roman says:

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    As you may have read under some of my posts, I have conditions known as RSD / and \ Epilepsy and I have been teased (by teacher’s and students) my entire life. Upon graduating high school I was injured in an accident where I sustained injury but extremely little settlement. We had to sell many things to make it to where we are now & I am blessed with a family & God that is there for me! And I’d love to get a make over of my mother’s home as she has done so much from pushing Veterans, to being a former Vet and now taking care of this entire family – by taking me to appointments in her used car!

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