Bare Fruit Organic Cinnamon Apple Chips Review

Bare Fruit 100% Organic Cinnamon Apple Chips, 14-Ounce

Bare Fruit makes 100% organic bake dried fruit. They have the USDA Organic seal and are sourced in the United States. They do not use any preservatives or chemicals. Bare fruit snacks are low in calories, high in fiber, and naturally sweet. Their products include: fuji apple chips, granny smith apple chips, cinnamon apple chips, dried cherries, dried mangoes, and dried pears.

I received the opportunity to try Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips. A bag of Cinnamon Apple Chips contain 30 Washington State apples. The apple chips contain no added sugar, no preservatives, and are gluten free. I love fruit and haven’t ate dried fruit in a long time so I was looking forward to trying them.  I was actually amazed when I looked on the back of the resealable bag and saw the ingredients. The ingredients are organic apples and organic cinnamon, that is it! We opened the bag right away to try them. I was pleasantly surprised how good they are and you can’t just eat one. They are crunchy like potato chips so the apple chips satisfy your craving for something crunchy. I haven’t even had a craving for potato chips since receiving the bag of apple chips. The apple chips are only 58 calories and contain 2g of fiber per serving. They are also easy to just grab and eat. These would be great to pack as a snack. Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips are a great healthy snack.

Bare Fruit products can be bought online (Alice, Amazon) or in retail stores (Walmart, Giant Food, Whole Foods…)
Bare Fruit Website

Bare Fruit is also offering a case of Bare Fruit as a giveaway!
Enter to win a case of Bare Fruit! Ends 10/19

Winner is Sall S.

~Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for shipping prize to winner, nor did I accept any compensation for this promotion.~

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  1. I love these apple chips! I gave a case away to one of my readers, too. I would love to win some for myself!

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  3. I commented on the free kids event at Lowe’s :) love dried fruit

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    I love those! Yum!!!

  8. Spots8105 says:

    I left a comment on nongiveaway review of Ashers Chocolates.

  9. Andrea Byrne says:

    i love dried apples!

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